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Hello! I am Bethany, a mom of 4 beautiful children, a owner of a dog, and married to a miner/hunter. (Camo is a popular color in our home). We recently relocated to the UP of Michigan from Juneau,Alaska...a huge adjustment. I have a passion for photography and documenting our journey through life. But, most of the time Im busy with my kids, hiding in the bathroom for peace and quiet, or trying to find my dog because he runs away all the time. Welcome to our world...always full of adventure.

Monday, May 16


Colton had his first popcicle. In the video, he had the first taste, and then it fell back into the package. Take a look and watch his reaction.


Karrie@HappyMoneySaver said...

That is so cute. Love it. Keep these videos coming!

Ashleigh said...

hilarious! Love it when he does the shake/ brain freeze. lol. Your kids are so cute.

Raven said...

oh my gosh SOOO cute! that brain freeze head wiggle was hilarious!

Erin said...

I love that he is outside hanging out in his diaper having a popsicle! He looks darling- and determined to get that treat. Welcome Colton to the wonderful world of tasty treats ;D